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Avoiding Technology Overwhelm: 4 Stages of an Effective Platform Selection and Implementation Process

Avoiding Technology Overwhelm: 4 Stages of an Effective Platform Selection and Implementation Process Platform selection is no simple task. As technology capabilities are increasing, the ability to effectively evaluate, contract, and implement new solutions is becoming more complex, particularly for organizations that have multiple departments [...]

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Podcasts To Help Strengthen Your RIVERS OF INFORMATION®

Podcasts To Help Strengthen Your RIVERS OF INFORMATION® We all have more information at our fingertips, and no more time to consume it. It feels like we are inundated with content: email, blogs, tweets, soundless Facebook videos. It’s like a waterfall pouring over us all. A [...]

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Please Listen to this Catchy Tune on Loop While You Wait…

The Hazards of Poor Service in Customer Experience We’ve all had that moment when we’ve become so frustrated with the customer service of a company that we throw up our hands in disgust. It usually leads to us vowing to disown the company in question. Customer experience is one of, [...]

Levers of HUMALOGY® Based Lean in Profit Amplification

    Profit amplification, increasing revenue while simultaneously containing or lowering operational expense, is a principle we work really hard to help our clients master. That’s why we offer an upcoming course on the subject. The goal of profit amplification is driving revenue while lowering back office costs so you [...]

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Five Dimensions of Digitally Engineered Revenue Growth

Using Digital Sales and Marketing to Amplify Profits Do you struggle to get your company to invest in building digital relationships? If you do, your organization is missing a huge opportunity to grow revenue and reach. Companies have worked in the last several decades to wring every possible growth percentage [...]

How to Attract Millennials…In Their Own Words

We recently concluded our first Digital Marketing educational series of 2016. In the series, we devoted an entire day to teaching the fundamentals of successful Relationship Journey Mapping. When done right, Relationship Journey Mapping reveals a profound view of what's going on inside the mind of each of your customers, patients, employees, or [...]

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The Value of User Stories in Vendor Selection

Most of us have heard about user stories being integrated into designing new software products or product features. They are very beneficial because they are descriptions of a desired product feature explained from the perspective of a group of users who ultimately will be utilizing the product. User stories, at [...]

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