The ability to leverage technology to maximize efficiency, effectiveness, and reach will determine the ultimate success of your endeavor. We have defined nine dimensions of digital maturity that are equally important. From the leadership’s ability to leverage technology to gain advantage to the risk that you face from technology innovation, each dimension measures a different aspect of digital maturity. It is impossible to create a plan for improving your digital maturity without understanding your current state of maturity. This is why measuring digital maturity is so critical. For some businesses, their level of maturity will determine whether they survive or disappear.


Positive maturity allows individuals to see the bigger picture, to make smarter decisions that will be of greater benefit. So to is it for organizations with digital maturity. A digitally mature organization has a better sense of itself, its processes, workforce, ecosystem, market, vulnerabilities, assets, and adaptability. Only when we have quantitative measurements and best practices can we really be clear as to improvements that must be made in order to win in a competitive market. Mastering the digital realm is much more than just software and hardware; The measurement system must account for elements like culture, the knowledge level of users, and the ability to be innovative. True measurement of digital maturity requires a comprehensive and state of the art tool such as the FPOV Digital Maturity Assessment.



These engagements are completely self-administered once FPOV has your basic details.  As our base-level, these are available in a single dimension or packaged with others. Your team will complete your online assessments and a scorecard will be digitally delivered within three to five business days. This is ideal when you have a fairly clear understanding of the dimension areas and you simply need a measuring tool. This is also a popular choice for clients who want to repeat an assessment a year or two later to measure progress. Your scorecard will provide basic remediation ideas, however there is no interview, validation, or consulting support at this level.

Verified Self-Assessments

Completed at your own pace, these are generally completed within a 30-day period. Your team begins with an online administered self-assessment, and upon completion of each dimension a FPOV consultant will follow up with brief interviews with members of your team. We will also request a list of documents that we will want to verify based on your positive answers to questions.  Afterwards, we will deliver a feedback brief to show you where we believe your initial scores might be different than reality.

Gap Analysis

Based on up to 3 assessment dimensions taken by a cross-section of your employees, these are administered by the FPOV team. After validating a high degree of accuracy for your scores, FPOV uses the results as the foundation of a gap analysis. Next, we analyze the gap between where your organization is at present, and document steps needed to achieve your future business goals. We conclude with recommendations as to how best to close the gap and achieve improved digital maturity. You can repeat this process for other dimensions until you have clear strategies for all dimensions of digital maturity.


Leadership Digital Readiness
Systems of Engagement Effectiveness
Data Maturity (DIKW)
Digital Workforce Assessment
Systems of Record Effectiveness
Organizational Risk and Control
Transformative Design Capabilities
Technology Completeness & Leverage
Market Competitive Ranking