Continuing education is the key to effective leadership in a changing environment.

Private Courses

Private education is for executives who want to educate a larger portion of their team on a specific topic in their comfort of their own offices. An FPOV consultant will travel to the organization to teach a larger group on the selected topic. Our private courses are tailored to meet the challenges an organization faces both internally and within its specific industry. This environment can help team members begin conversations around the topic that can lead to larger change.


eLearning Courses

eLearning allows a large team or even an entire organization to get up to speed on a topic at any pace and with the ease of an online tool. These courses are taught by an FPOV consultant and feature similar content to what is available in our public courses. They allow viewers to take the course over several days and team members can take from anywhere they would like.


Public Courses

We have a range of public courses available throughout the year. These courses are hosted via livestream for your convenience. Public courses offer the opportunity for leaders to interact with FPOV specialists and consultants while learning in a collaborative environment with executives from other organizations and industries. A list of our public courses is available below.