Jasco Boosts Efficiency and Productivity by Investing in a State of the Art Warehouse Management System (WMS)


For over 40 years Jasco has been providing consumer electronic accessories and other products to major national retailers. This family-owned operation prides itself and has been recognized for offering products and brands that people can rely on. It also has a warehouse that’s constantly in motion. The 500,000 square foot space is always a buzz in activity – forklifts and golf carts whizzing down aisles, team members wrapping products for shipments, and trucks marching in and out, filling their cargo and heading on to their next stop.


Recently Jasco was faced with a challenge. The company’s constant growth had become a strain on its warehouse. “The system that we had in place was good for a company doing X amount of dollars,” says Jasco COO Jim Kimball. “At the time, I believe our competition was ahead of us as far as their warehouse management systems.”

Jasco had an important choice to make, one that would directly impact the very future of its organization. It could build a bigger warehouse and add more staff, it could outsource operations to a logistics company, or it could invest in a warehouse management system (WMS). “To take a warehouse that’s got a half million square feet, probably 35,000-40,000 pallet locations and to reconfigure it and you’ve been doing business the same way for 30-something years and change everything in the way you do it, that’s a pretty big mountain to climb,” says Kimball. This ambitious project would cost Jasco over $1 million and any failure in implementation could pose a lasting setback for the company.


Jasco reached out to TriCorps Technologies to help ensure that the investments they were making would lead to a successful project implementation. We met with Jasco’s executive team and helped explain the project and how it would provide a long term benefit for the company. A successful WMS implementation, as we explained to Jasco’s executive team, would help automate processes which would increase capital and the quality of performance leading to a better customer experience. Although an ambitious project, we showed Jasco that such an investment would ultimately provide a huge return. We also assisted Jasco in the critical decision of the selection of a vendor to execute the project.


The investment ultimately paid off. The WMS helped Jasco’s warehouse run much more efficiently, so that the company could move more product with less people. It gave Jasco instant productivity matrixes of everyone working inside the warehouse. Employees could now also get real-time feedback from a device attached to their wrists. This data helps ensure that team members are pulling the right order and delivering it to the right place. Staff can now be managed based on performance instead of gut instinct. The system gave Jasco better visibility into its own operations leading to better decisions.

Plus Jasco’s warehouse is now highly automated, measured, and running at a level of efficiency that was simply unachievable before implementing the new technology tools. “I have less people working in the warehouse. They are working a lot smarter,” says Kimball. VP of Operations Will Austin agrees. “We anticipate that we have seen a 30-38% lift in our efficiencies. By and large, I think we can say that the WMS system and the technology is the reason why we have seen such a lift.”