Core Services

These are services that will have value for a long time. We are uniquely good at delivering these services, and our IP around these services is world class.

  • Digital Strategy Roadmap Design: We help you develop and document the action items needed in order to accomplish your organizational mission. This is done in 2,3, or 5-year time horizons. LEARN MORE>>
  • Online Digital Maturity Assessment: We have identified nine dimensions of digital maturity. This online assessment will measure your maturity in the desired dimensions to help you understand your current digital maturity and your risk in each dimension. LEARN MORE>>
  • Digital Maturity Gap Analysis: We will uncover areas that need improvement and plot out the strategic roadmap you need to implement to close the gap between where you are now and where you need to be to gain a competitive advantage. LEARN MORE>>
  • High Beam Leadership Strategy: We help you develop a three to five-year organizational digital strategy and augment your leadership’s ability anticipate trends that will impact your organization and strategy.  LEARN MORE>>
  • Guidepost Strategies: Guideposts are competitive digital differentiators. We help you develop three to five guideposts or a disruption strategy for your organization. LEARN MORE>>
  • RIVERS OF INFORMATION®: We guide you in the development of a self-learning platform that helps you streamline the content you consume to maximize your knowledge growth in a specific area. LEARN MORE>>
  • Relationship Journey Mapping (CX): A methodical, step-by-step look at each consumer touchpoint so you can offer a consumer exactly what they are looking for at every stage of their journey with your organization.  LEARN MORE>>
  • Data Activation (BI) Consulting and Strategies / Citizen Data Science Program
  • Outsource CxO Retainer or Advisory Retainer
  • Annual Content Program (ACP): We help you develop a stream of content that will be meaningful to your consumers and help maximize your visibility with them. The types of content include blogs, vlogs, podcasts, white papers, eLearning, live workshops, keynotes, trainings and much more. LEARN MORE>>
  • Security Consulting
    • Integrated Security Model
    • Risk Management
    • Digital Event Response Playbooks
    • IT Personnel Extraction
  • IT Governance Improvement
  • Enterprise Architecture Blueprinting
  • Software Re-Platforming
    • Process Mapping and Re-Engineering (Functional Requirements)
    • Technology Vendor Selection
    • Vendor Relationship and Contracting Process (VRCP): Created by FPOV’s team of technologists and legal advisors, this process is designed to ensure that you are maximizing the potential and minimizing the risk of relationships with major technology vendors. LEARN MORE>>
  • HUMALOGY® Strategy Consulting LEARN MORE>>
  • Speaking and Workshops: We have a team of experienced speakers that can educate and entertain your audience on a wide variety of subjects. FPOV speakers have performed to audiences both large and small in areas across the world. We can present or hold workshops in-person or remotely. LEARN MORE>>

Additional Services

  • XaaS Strategy
    • Outsourcing Infrastructure Migration
  • Board Advisory
  • Compliance/Regulatory
  • Digital Marketing
  • Project Rescue
  • IT Audit
  • IT Portfolio Planning (EPM)
  • IT Service Management
  • Program Oversight
  • CxO Hiring / Onboarding
  • Innovation Workshops
  • EA, PM, BA Coaching & Development

Trending Services

  • M&A Digital Due Diligence Consulting
  • Machine Intelligence Consulting
  • Data Privacy Regulations & Compliance