Trending Services

  • Work from Home Strategies & Techniques for Leaders: Leading, managing or overseeing a group of home-based workers is very different than having everyone at the office. The dynamics change, and although technology can help us communicate, it cannot replace some of the human interactions that happen when people are physically together. Up to this point in history, many leaders have struggled with the thought of allowing a high percentage of workers to work from home. But circumstances are forcing leaders to rethink this position. Remote teams can have benefits for organizations including agility, efficiency, and cost savings. We help organizations develop winning WFH strategies to make sure the team and organization is just as successful as if everyone was still in the office. Download our Work From Home Best Practices eBook>>
  • Citizen Data Scientist Program: Data scientists are expensive and hard to find. Our Citizen Data Scientist Program helps you build data specialists within your organization while using your own team. We help turn your current team members into data specialists so they can help your organization harness the awesome power of data science. LEARN MORE>>
  • Digital Event Response Program: Prepare your team for a digital event, such as a data breach or network breach, with our Digital Event Response Program, so you can properly and cohesively respond during a critical time. LEARN MORE>>
  • Digital Strategy Roadmap Design: We help you develop and document the action items needed in order to accomplish your organizational mission. This is done in 2, 3, or 5-year time horizons. LEARN MORE>>

Core Services

These are services that provide immense value to organizations of every size and in every industry. We are uniquely good at delivering these services, and our IP around these services is world-class.

Specialized Services

  • Digital Maturity Assessment: We have identified nine dimensions of digital maturity that every organization needs to measure. This comprehensive online or consultant-led assessment focuses on specific dimensions within our digital maturity model to help you understand your current digital maturity, as well as your risk in each dimension. LEARN MORE>>
  • Digital Maturity Gap Analysis: We analyze the gap between where your organization is at present, and document steps needed to achieve your future business goals. We conclude with recommendations as to how best to close the gap and achieve improved digital maturity. LEARN MORE>>
  • High Beam Leadership Strategy: We help you develop a three to five-year organizational digital strategy and augment your leadership’s ability anticipate trends that will impact your organization and strategy. LEARN MORE>>
  • Guidepost Strategies: Guideposts are competitive digital aspirations. We help you develop three to five guideposts to navigate your organization toward a position of industry leadership. LEARN MORE>>
  • RIVERS OF INFORMATION®: We guide you in the development of a self-learning platform that helps you and your team streamline the content you consume to maximize knowledge-growth in specific, chosen areas. LEARN MORE>>
  • Relationship Journey Mapping (CX): A methodical, step-by-step look at each consumer touchpoint so you can offer a consumer exactly what they are looking for at every stage of their journey with your organization. LEARN MORE>>
  • Machine Intelligence Consulting: Creating a machine intelligence strategy is necessary for all organizations in every industry. It’s a transformative technology that will be essential to gain advantage or even maintain your current market share. We help you understand the machine intelligence ecosystem and build strategies that will harness MI to strengthen your organization.
  • Automation Process Strategy Consulting: We use HUMALOGY®, a concept we created, to help organizations understand the proper balance between technology and human effort. Our consulting services help ensure that you are balancing human effort with the right amount of technology to best serve your constituency while maximizing efficiency. LEARN MORE>>
  • Board Advisory: Digital strategy decisions are some of the most critical that an organization can make. Boards are often strong counselors when it comes to financial decisions or long term strategy planning. However, they often lack experience building digital strategies. We have advised boards in many different industries on properly implementing technology and building digital strategies within their organizations.
  • Advisory Retainer or Outsource CxO Retainer: In certain situations it makes sense to outsource important positions to a qualified third party with experience that you cannot find within your organization or quickly hire for. We offer our expertise on a retainer or advisory basis. We can work as an interim CIO or CTO or simply be an advisor you keep on retainer for when you need important guidance around digital strategy.
  • Annual Content Program (ACP): We help you develop a stream of content that will be meaningful to your consumers and help maximize your visibility with them. The types of content include blogs, vlogs, podcasts, white papers, eLearning, live workshops, keynotes, trainings and much more. LEARN MORE>>
  • Speaking: We have a team of experienced speakers that can educate and entertain your audience on a wide variety of subjects. FPOV speakers have performed to audiences both large and small in areas across the world. LEARN MORE>>
  • Private Workshops: We can present or hold workshops in-person or remotely. Tailored specifically for your organization, our private workshops offer a way for you and your team to quickly get up to speed on a chosen topic. LEARN MORE >>

Data Intelligence

  • Data Activation (BI) Consulting and Strategies: Data activation is your ability to use data to improve efficiency, make better decisions, and more effectively serve your constituents. We help teach you and help you design strategies around using data to gain a competitive advantage.

Software Replatforming Framework

  • Technology Vendor Selection: A major technology or software vendor selection can be one of the most critical decisions your organization makes. Often these relationships are like “marriages” in which there is enormous investment both financially and in time. A bad vendor selection can set you back years. We will walk alongside you as you make a major software vendor decision, helping you understand requirements, interview potential vendors, and make a final selection that your organization can rest well with.
  • Vendor Relationship and Contracting Process (VRCP): Created by FPOV’s team of technologists and legal advisors, this process is designed to ensure that you are maximizing the potential and minimizing the risk of relationships with major technology vendors. LEARN MORE>>
  • Enterprise Architecture Blueprinting: A blueprint is a visual representation of your organization’s software portfolio that enables you to make informed technology decisions. Blueprints provide a common language to bridge the gap between the IT and business teams, helps to ensure IT knowledge is documented instead of resting in someone’s head, and greatly assists vendors during major software implementation. LEARN MORE>>
  • Process Mapping and Re-Engineering (Functional Requirements): Many organizations lack a visual representation of business processes and how they interact with systems, users, and data. We have five levels of process maps that we can create for your organization to help you visualize how your users are interacting with technology.
  • Project Rescue: When a major software project goes off the rails, the consequences can be severe, if not fatal. It’s expensive, time-consuming, and can be career ending. Lawsuits may ensue. We have experience helping organizations resuscitate failing projects or navigate those unfortunate times when projects and/or vendors will need to be discontinued.
  • Program Oversight: A program is a series of projects linked together to help you attain collective benefit. We can oversee these critical programs to ensure they are implemented with the least possible issues.

Technology Governance

  • Governance Consulting and Support: Good IT governance can help to ensure you are making wise decisions when it comes to technology while also ensuring your operations are smooth. We have identified 28 elements of governance and we work to help improve in these areas so you can properly manage your technology portfolio and reduce waste and mistakes. LEARN MORE>>
  • IT Audit: This is a comprehensive evaluation of your technology, including your infrastructure, applications, security, and data. Our experienced team of consultants will analyze your digital plumbing so that you have a very clear picture of how your technology infrastructure is functioning.


  • Integrated Security Model: In the past, many organizations have siloed their security efforts. This is no longer effective. Our integrated security model blends cybersecurity, physical security, and electronic security together to provide your organization with the highest level of security. We teach you how to build an integrated security model within your organization. LEARN MORE>>
  • Risk Management: You cannot improve your security until you measure your risk. Our risk analysis’ help you understand your current risks around security and define the level of risk you would like to have in the future so you can best manage your organizational security risks. LEARN MORE>>
  • IT Personnel Extraction: When a team member has the “keys to the kingdom” it can become a very delicate and difficult situation when that person needs to be removed or terminated. Through our step-by-step process, we help leaders ensure they are keeping other team members and the network safe in the event an IT employee needs to be extracted. LEARN MORE>>
  • Data Privacy Regulations & Compliance: GDPR, CCPA and other acronyms mean one thing: Greater data privacy regulations. If you collect any consumer information, you need to be concerned about increasingly restrictive data privacy regulations. We can guide you in navigating this new world of data privacy.
C-Suite and Executive Leadership

  • Executive Coaching: Coaching is one of the most valuable tools available to companies and individuals. Executive Coaching delivers a one-on-one growth and development opportunity and produces real business results in a short period of time.
  • Next Gen Workforce: The new world of work changes the way we engage people. Flexibility, empowerment, development, and mobility all now play a big role in defining a company’s culture. Our Next Gen consulting will enable your executive leaders, key stakeholders, and employees to understand the impact culture has on their organizational performance and learn how to redirect culture to improve bottom-line results.
  • Executive Advisory Boards: FPOV forms and facilitates small, exclusive groups called Boards. Each Board is composed of ten to twelve members from non-competing businesses. The Boards meet remotely each month for half a day. Each meeting is focused on a structured discussion of the members’ specific issues, opportunities, concerns or challenges. A professional facilitator selects the members of each Board and facilitates every meeting.
    • CEO Advisory Board
    • Executive Advisory Board
    • Women’s Executive Advisory Board
    • Women Presidents’ Advisory Board
    • Entrepreneur Advisory Board
    • LEARN MORE>>

Additional Services

  • M&A Digital Due Diligence Consulting: Due diligence is critical during mergers and acquisitions. Most are concerned, during this time, with things like financial statements. However, few worry about aspects such as cybersecurity and technology integration. Our team of consultants can help your organization ensure an any M&A rightly considers the integration of technology tools.
  • XaaS Strategy (Outsourcing Infrastructure Migration): Migrating your software, platforms, and infrastructure into the cloud is a necessary step for organizations to scale and remain competitive. However, this migration can be complex. We can help you ensure that any transition to an “as a service” model is smooth.
  • Digital Marketing: Today, reaching customers using digital tools is essential. Everyone does digital marketing. Few do it well. We help you build digital marketing strategies that will standout to your customers and from your competition.
  • IT Portfolio Planning (EPM): You spend a lot of money on your technology infrastructure, but how do you measure the success of this investment? We review your applications, infrastructure, and projects to help you understand your current technology efforts and prepare for the future.
  • IT Service Management: We help you design and develop a cohesive IT organization to reduce waste, serve customers through improved business technology, support operations, run and grow.
  • CxO Hiring / Onboarding: Hiring an executive can be a daunting task, considering the importance of the role. We help organizations find the right C-suite executive and then onboard them so they can more quickly become an effective asset to the organization.
  • Innovation Workshops: Innovation workshops guide your team in transforming ideas into fully functional solutions. They help you fine tune pre-existing business solutions or product ideas. They enable participants to become innovators, making your company more progressive. They also increase the amount of fully functional business solutions and product ideas that your company rolls out.
  • EA, PM, BA Coaching & Development: We increase the knowledge and skills of your enterprise architects, project managers, or business analysts so that they can more effectively wield technology to guide business strategy.