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Future Point of View is a technology-strategy firm with corporate offices in Oklahoma City, OK and resources across the United States. For more than eight years, we have helped organizations become world class at leveraging technology to create competitive advantage. Across our consultants, FPOV’s collective experience spans beyond a century.

We work with organizations in many industries, from medium-sized to multi-billion-dollar international entities. Our focus is simple: develop winning strategies, educate clients, and support them in implementing these strategies to gain competitive advantages and sustainable results. We work to help clients identify the weaknesses in their skills, processes, culture, or infrastructure, and then assist in closing those gaps.

We want technology to be a force for good in both the organizations that we work with and in the broader world. That’s why we do what we do.

Personal Digital Empowerment: Rise of The Centaur

  June marked the halfway point of what has turned out to be an unprecedented year in most people’s lives. The massive changes wrought by the fallout of a global pandemic have left many of us searching for ways to adapt to our new reality. It is easy to feel powerless in the face of forces beyond [...]

Digital Implants: Transhumanism Begins

We'll be releasing a series of posts on our blog regarding the theme of our upcoming 2020 Think Tank event Personal Digital Empowerment: The Rise of the Centaur. This first post looks at the augmented self, specifically the world of implantables. First, let’s begin with a definition of a digital implant and some history. For our purposes, an [...]