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Future Point of View is a technology-strategy firm with corporate offices in Oklahoma City, OK and resources across the United States. For more than eight years, we have helped organizations become world class at leveraging technology to create competitive advantage. Across our consultants, FPOV’s collective experience spans beyond a century.

We work with organizations in many industries, from medium-sized to multi-billion-dollar international entities. Our focus is simple: develop winning strategies, educate clients, and support them in implementing these strategies to gain competitive advantages and sustainable results. We work to help clients identify the weaknesses in their skills, processes, culture, or infrastructure, and then assist in closing those gaps.

We want technology to be a force for good in both the organizations that we work with and in the broader world. That’s why we do what we do.

What Is A Strategy Roadmap and Why Does Your Organization Need One?

  So, you’ve worked hard and developed a strategy that articulates your organization’s purpose, values, vision and goals. Now you need to create an implementation plan to execute this strategy – but this is where many organizations hit a road block. How do you successfully convert your strategy into an execution plan? The answer is a strategy [...]

From Fingerprints to Facial Recognition: The Future of Our Criminal Justice System

Innovations in technology are constantly shaping the way societies operate, with profound implications for our quality and way of life. Of course, the development and use of technology is itself shaped by society’s norms, values and priorities. In democratic societies, we generally expect our public institutions to act in the interest of the citizenry by weighing the benefits [...]