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For us, technology is not just about improving the bottom line. It’s a tool that we hope leaders will use to be a blessing on this world and to leave a positive legacy behind.


We believe that world-class organizations of the future will have an integrated technology strategy model that focuses on both using technology to make them stronger but also safer, whether that be from a competitor, market disruption, or a malicious actor set on stealing data or intellectual property. It is our mission to provide world-class service and advice to each organization that we work with.


Our team features a unique blend of people with diverse backgrounds and skills that have come together for the purpose of improving and securing the organizations we work with.

How To Measure ROI For Leadership Development Programs

As constant technological disruption brings all departments and budgets under the proverbial microscope, leadership development programs must have a plan in place to measure impact and to justify bankrolling these efforts. Yet even with this being true, according to an article by SHRM, “only 18 percent [of businesses] are gathering relevant business impact metrics, which may be why [...]