Podcasts To Help Strengthen Your RIVERS OF INFORMATION®

We all have more information at our fingertips, and no more time to consume it. It feels like we are inundated with content: email, blogs, tweets, soundless Facebook videos. It’s like a waterfall pouring over us all. A lot of it is valuable; a lot of it isn’t. That’s why building a RIVERS OF INFORMATION® is so critical. Rivers of Information essentially is a personal feed to help you consume relevant content in an efficient manner.

In the next few weeks, it is our goal to give you some great ways you can improve your own river.

Podcasting is on the rise. It’s been called “The Future of Storytelling.” It’s a great medium. Podcasts are often short, packed with good information, and you can consume them while you’re driving, at the gym, or making dinner. Of course, now it seems like everyone has a podcast. There are so many out there, it can be hard to decide what to listen to.

Below is some of our staff’s favorites, podcasts we use to improve our personal rivers.

Scott Klososky

Revisionist History by Malcom Gladwell – Gladwell produces interesting 35 minute stories about something that has happened in history where the real story has not been told. He tells listeners the real story. It is well researched and interesting to learn from.

Annette White-Klososky

BioHacking Secrets with Anthony DiClementi – He covers a lot on health and how to biohack your body. I have listened to a lot around cancer and cellular biohacking. He will also have on speakers that talk about other biohacks like productivity; creativity, .etc. I love it because it is like secret tips / best practices / shorthand on topics. It offers a lot of new thought ideas.

Andrew Ranson

NPR’s Hidden Brain – This offers behavioral science themed stories that will cause you to think differently about your assumptions.

Phillip Seawright

The John Batchelor Show offers 20-30 minute interviews with authors of historical novels to get the “Cliff Notes.” It also has interviews with regional experts such as those in Hong Kong, Europe, and the Middle East.

Matt Stafford

I usually only listen to podcasts while traveling. When I do, I’m a politics junkie, so that’s my usual genre. I love Pod Save America and 1947.

I run marathons and also listen to podcasts about running. I’ve recently gotten into the website Extramilest. The site focuses on a specific, low-heart rate style of training. They also have a podcast – The Extramilest Show – and I enjoy listening to it for training advice.

Jon Knisley

Trailblazers with Walter Isaacson – The podcast series explores the unknown drama and lessons learned behind a number of important (and some not so important) digital disruptions. From advertising and hospitality to music and healthcare, Isaacson uncovers the story within the story and the impact of technology across industries.

Singularity.FM  – The first and best known singularity podcast is a series of interviews with the best scientists, writers, entrepreneurs, film-makers, philosophers and artists, debating issues such as the technological singularity, transhumanism, artificial intelligence, life-extension and ethics.

Forrester’s CX Cast – More than 100 episodes are available to get smart (fast) about CX through weekly discussions with Forrester analysts highlighting new customer experience research and case studies from leading organizations.

Tracy Conrad

My favorite business podcast is TedTalks Business. I love TedTalks. They jam really powerful, practical, and timely information into very short clips. I can learn, keep up to date and still fit it in to a hectic day.

My favorite personal podcast is The City Church with Judah Smith. If you’ve never listened to Judah Smith you are missing out!

Scott Brady

Ted Talks Daily –  I love the diversity of the topics. It’s not just business, it’s for personal growth also.

Sara Tsoodle

So, I’m on an Audible kick instead of traditional “podcasts.” Did you know Audible has channels so you can just stream smart things while you drive to work?  So in between books I listen to a couple of channels on Audible. My favorite is…wait for it…Ted Talks. Because who doesn’t love a good Ted Talk.  They’re short and random and you don’t have to commit a lot of brain cells.

My other favorite channels on Audible are The Dark Web: Secrets from Tech’s Underworld and the Get Smart channel which features random content from Harvard, the Smithsonian, and other people who are smarter than me. When my brain is tired, they have a Punch Lines channel for stand-up comedy.

Austin Klososky

Pod Save America – It’s a nice escape from the constant “Breaking News” of cable and discusses politics in a calm and concise manner.

Corey White

It’s a crowd favorite, but This American Life is about as good as it gets. I love storytelling, and that’s storytelling at its finest.

The New York Times has a daily morning podcast called The Daily, in which it examines an issue ripped from the headlines in roughly a half an hour.

The CyberWire is phenomenal for anyone interested in cybersecurity. It releases a 15-30 minute podcast every day which recaps the day’s biggest stories alongside an interview with an industry player. The CyberWire does a valuable newsletter, as well, that comes to my email daily.

If you really want to dive into the technical aspects of cybersecurity, Security Now with Steve Gibson is an interesting listen. Gibson is like a godfather of cyber. When you can point to a photo of you standing alongside Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, and John Sculley taken in 1984, you know you’re kind of a big deal. The podcast is released once a week. It’s long (like north of two hours long) and can be a bit technical, but it is a good resource if you’re really interested in learning about the nuances of security. Gibson and his co-host Leo Laporte have been doing the show since 2005, which is wild considering how young the podcasting medium is (Currently they just released episode 632, and just started the show’s 13th year).

Do you have a favorite podcast? Let us know what it is. #RiversofInformation

Next week, we will offer some newsletters our staff loves. Because, really, what we all need is another newsletter in our lives! So, keep your eye out for that on your favorite social channel.

Until then, happy listening!