What Is It?

RIVERS OF INFORMATION® is the streamlining of information into one’s knowledge growth using a variety of informational source. These sources are increasingly found online and include social technologies are providing a greater access to information. This process costs virtually nothing beyond the time invested in consuming the content, yet very few people make the effort to refine it into an effective art. More than that, most organizations do nothing to provide employees with help in either identifying valuable sources of information or the tools that can be used to aggregate and filter them. You can choose to become more informed by taking it upon yourself to study information everyday. Now, multiply this info-gathering method times all of the people in your workforce. Developing an ability to digest and redistribute valuable pieces from this massive flow creates an advantage in the traditional marketplace. Think about the collective intelligence, building this would add to your organization and bring a distinct advantage over your competition.

Why is it Valuable?

In a knowledge economy, the smartest teams win. Somewhere along the line, many people skip the step it takes to build their unique system for finding valuable information sources and filtering this information into their brains. This is about making the most of the time you have to improve. All it takes is 30 to 45 minutes everyday. Just think; if you spend 30 minutes a day, that is 210 minutes of information gathering a week, 840 minutes in a month, and 10,920 minutes in a year. That equals 182 hours of active learning that you’ve added into your year. How much can you learn in 182 hours? If that information is targeted, you can become knowledgeable about any topic you choose. Multiply that amount by the size of your staff – that equates to a mountain of information that your organization can be pulling in at all times. If you aren’t currently doing this (or your employees aren’t), what else are you doing with that time?

The Basics

We have a six step process to help you institutionalize the building of Rivers of Information into your organization as well as a tool-based checklist of details that will help you (and your staff) develop high-quality Rivers of Information®