In this holistic evaluation of your organization’s technology practices and digital maturity, we will uncover areas that need improvement and plot out the strategic roadmap you need to implement to close the gap between where you are now and where you need to be to gain a competitive advantage.


A Gap Analysis is the foundation of most of our engagements, typically lasting between 60 and 90 days. The consultants at Future Point of View will evaluate your organization’s technology practices, discover the areas that need improvement, and advise you on the strategies you will need to implement.

While we approach each Gap Analysis as a holistic consideration of your technology landscape, we also have a unique ability to focus our analysis and measurements on key areas that you have identified as pain points.

To put it into perspective- when you visit your doctor for a physical, you will already know if you are experiencing knee pain or back pain, so alerting your doctor to these known issues allows him or her to focus on problem areas within your comprehensive physical.

You too, have known pains in your organization, all organizations do.

We use our propriety digital maturity model to measure your maturity in the areas that need additional focus, while conducting a holistic technology gap analysis for the overall health of the organization’s technology strategy and landscape.



After kicking off our engagement, we begin by deploying between 1 and 3 assessment dimensions to a cross section of team members within your organization to assess your strengths and weaknesses.

The comprehensive assessment will provide us quantitative measures around where you are in your strategy and how far away you are from your goals. Depending on your organizational needs, we will either focus on specific dimensions within our digital maturity model or we will conduct a higher level general assessment. For more information about our digital maturity assessment, you can learn more here.


We conduct on-site interviews with several members of your team, often this includes vendors or contractors. We ask a series of questions designed to reveal the needs/wants/problems. The assessments allow us to make these interviews more efficient, and provide us with insight on current roles, processes, and cultural challenges that are impacting the use of technology in your organization. If critical stakeholders are unavailable during the scheduled times, we can follow up later with interviews via conference call or web conferencing.

We are known to be uniquely skilled at this step. Our team is excellent at relationships and at explaining complex concepts in a way that individuals of all backgrounds can understand.

We are very mindful of the office dynamics at play when consultants come into your workplace and navigate issues with ease. We accompany the interviews with some standard document requests and research of our own as we begin building out recommendations for your team.


After completion of the interviews and our evaluations, we record key observations related to your use of technology. These observations are laid out clearly alongside potential business impacts they present as well as our recommendation for how they should be incorporated into your overall technology strategy.

This process to complete the final strategy report generally takes us three to four weeks after the interview process. This report is created with an accompanying slide deck for us to walk you through each finding.

The report will be delivered with first steps outlined for you to implement models and processes that will enable you to leverage technology as a weapon in your market. We can present your final report onsite or by web conference depending on your preference. It is quite common for our clients to request action planning sessions and team education as part of this service.

Action Planning Sessions are facilitated workshops with your team where together, we develop a detailed action plan for improving technology utilization over the next year or two based on the clear outcomes of your gap analysis. Projects and timelines are created and assigned as part of a documented roadmap. We have a number of proprietary techniques and strategy models we can use to make this session highly valuable for your team.

Custom Technology Education is a popular method to quickly impact your team’s digital IQ. In-depth courses are taught by experienced FPOV consultants and provide a comprehensive view into a selected area(s) of technology.