Is it Magic? No, It’s Technology Leverage

It’s still magic even if you know how it’s done. -- Terry Pratchett The first job I landed out of college (nearly twenty years ago) was as a market analyst for the engineering division of a large manufacturer. I was hired by a man called Joe, who was the [...]

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How Translightenment and the Hive Mind Can Lead to Nirvana

We are only beginning to understand the historic and transformative importance of the internet as a platform to flow information to anyone and everything. In the years right before the birth of the Web, we had devised many ways to flow information, but speed and scale were massively limiting [...]

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The “X’s and O’s” of Transformational Design

The best football coaches have an ability to transform a gridiron and their teams. They evaluate their opponents, utilize the talent available, and maximize the field conditions to escalate opportunities for success. They’re great leaders. Organizations are quite like football teams in this regard, and so too are leaders like [...]

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Please Listen to this Catchy Tune on Loop While You Wait…

The Hazards of Poor Service in Customer Experience We’ve all had that moment when we’ve become so frustrated with the customer service of a company that we throw up our hands in disgust. It usually leads to us vowing to disown the company in question. Customer experience is one of, [...]